Pooling Atoms

Pooling collateralized Coins
The Protocol

protocol is a financial technology providing pooling solutions to investors in the digital asset markets. Through our products and services, we are developing an ecosystem that promotes deeper liquidity and offers investors a means to transact in these assets in a manner they would expect from existing, developed markets.
Pooling Atoms

Atoms will always guarantee the following:
A basic limited cost and potential lost
A collateralized reserve to the 5 top stablecoins
An exponential valorization up to x1000
The ease of using a collateralized coin for any trade
A Smart and Simple Valorization

Atom pooling Index Price at launch in $ = Pool 0.01 / 1 ATOM - USDT + Pool 0.01 / 1 ATOM - USDC +
Pool 0.01 / 1 ATOM - USDG + Pool 0.01 / 1 ATOM - BUSD + Pool 0.01 / 1 ATOM - DAI
divided by 5

Pool Market valorization = Pool index / Atom holdings x 0.01$

  Index Unit = X * Y = K (Vector USDT/USDC/USDG/BUSD/DAI)

Simplified Process

Each Atom entering into circulation is 100% backed with a similar Atom and a portion of stablecoin in a pool.
The pool reserve guarantees a strong value of the Atom.
The Atom is not a stable coin in the sense that it could reach very different values in the market, thus collateralizing Atoms with top stablecoins provides a strong leverage and a 1/1 ratio at market zero.